Home automation with Jarvis Assistant project - [Part 1]

Home automation with Jarvis Assistant project - [Part 1]

For making my apartment more comfortable, without a PhD in computer science linguistics, I used a library for speech recognition and synthesis. Fortunately, Python is the best choice for this purpose. This part is to install essential modules.

It is divided into 3 modules. There are Jarvis’s Ears (for recognizing the speech) and Jarvis’s Mouth (for speaking what she wants to say ^^!) and API or modules that support for home automation and IoT

Jarvis’s Ears: Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition is library for performing speech recognition, with support for several engines and APIs, online and offline (CMU Sphinx, Google Speech Recognition, Wit.ai, Microsoft Bing Voice Recognition, Houndify API, IBM Speech To Text).

pip install SpeechRecognition

It also needs PyAudio that is required if you want to use microphone input.

pip install pyaudio

In this project I used Google Speech Recognition (online)

Cuong Tran Viet

Cuong Tran Viet
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