Drone Project Introduction (part 1)

When I was an undergraduate student, I saw my seniors played and tried to make something flied. At that time, I don’t know what it is and how it could fly. And they just said to me that I called something is Drone. With propellers, motors, MCU, controller, gyro & accelerometer, they said in detailed, of course, at 2nd-year I can not understand anything about these components or devices. Just something can fly. It has been making me curious and excited. Until now, I have a chance to build it for my own.

There are a lot of drone projects with open source even open hardware for users. However, this project I hope I can build a quadcopter by my self. Additionally, this project is relative with my master thesis that I am researching about using a ring gesture control device to control drone.

I will update process in this blog..

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Home automation with Jarvis Assistant project - [Part 1]

For making my apartment more comfortable, without a PhD in computer science linguistics, I used a library for speech recognition and synthesis. Fortunately, Python is the best choice for this purpose. This part is to install essential modules.

It is divided into 3 modules. There are Jarvis’s Ears (for recognizing the speech) and Jarvis’s Mouth (for speaking what she wants to say ^^!) and API or modules that support for home automation and IoT

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PlatformIO is a solution

I have had to work on quite lots of embedded platforms like Arduino, mbed, PIC32, Raspberry Pi… and develop them on Window as well as Linux. It is really inconvenient to me because each platform has each IDE to develop, and for some platforms its IDE is quite poor comparing with Text Editor (Atom, Vim, Sublime, Emacs) and I have to change environments many times. Fortunately, I found this one as the best solution at this time, PlatformIO. It is an open source ecosystem for “IoT” development and cross platform code builder and library manager with a lot of development platforms and frameworks (check here):

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The little prince

When I knew this masterpiece story, I listened the audiobooks that were made by beautiful girl voice. Then I really love this magnificent story.

2015 - 11 - 21

사실 10월부터 계획했는데 친구씩 일이 있어서 11월 21일 출발했다. 출발하기 전에 이 여행을 취소한다고 생각했다. 왜냐하면 포항 도시가 바다이라서 겨울에 가면 추운 것 같기 때문이다. 우선, 상미가 나를 왜 이렇개 편견이 많다고 했다. 근데 상미가 단호하게 가고 싶다고 했으니까 우리 같이 동의헀다.

한국에서 부산과 대천 바다 도시만 갔다. 근데 포항에는 조금 다르다. 경지가 아니라 포항은 오래 도시이라서 길에 사람이 적다.

한 친구가 포항대학교에서 대학원을 다니고 있는데 시간이 없어서 우리는 못 갔다. 아깝다!!! 아마 내년에 갈게…

체윳 그럼 포항에 살고 상미가 대구에 있고 남경(베트남 사람) 서울에 있고 소정이 전주에 있고 난 대전부터 시작헀다. 대전부터 포항까지 2시10분 동안 걸다. 그래서 8시30분 복합터미널에서 출발하면 됀다. 근데 늦게 일어나고 미리 준비하지 않아서 버스를 놓치고 캠메라 바트리가 없었다. 그래서 난 택시를 타야 했는데 10천 원 냈다. 그래서 좋은 사진을 찍지 못해…ㅜㅜ 다시 생각하면 정말 아쉽네 ….

오후 1시에 다 도착하자마자 바로 식당에 갔다. 이거 결과이다:

낙시 =))
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